Tangerine members save over £230/month over a traditional studio flat.

All our homes also come fully furnished, saving our members a minimum of £2000 set up costs.


Bill’s Left the Building.

Hands up who likes splitting bills?  Hell No!  That’s why here they’re all in, letting you get on with more important things knowing that this house is headache free.

Life’s Too Short for Laundry

Let the latest machines save you time and hassle.  Oh, and no shopping for soaps needed – these are kept topped up by your clean team.

We Got Your Back

Your maintenance manager will solve any issues big or small quickly. No long lead times.  No thin excuses. Just a responsive service that keeps you fully up to date. The way it should be.

Your Ass, Covered.

OK, we’ve made this personal. But we think some things just aren’t funny when you’re caught short. Unlimited loo rolls, soaps and liquids, 365.